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Water Treatment business

Technica offers water treatment materials that function well with various wastewater, such as waste slurry from water supply, construction water, and public works. Our company not only manufactures and sells JIS standard products as well as Technica brand products, including products featuring a water treatment material functionality unprecedented to date,

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but also offers pragmatic solutions for directly dealing with various types of wastewater based on a hands-on approach.

Products Offered by Technica Goudou

Functional Category Product Name
Inorganic coagulants Polyaluminum chloride
Aluminum chloride
Aluminum sulfate
Polyferric sulfate
Ferrous sulfate
Sterilizing and disinfecting agents Sodium hypochlorite
PH adjusters Dilute sulfuric acid
Caustic soda
Carbon dioxide gas
Polymer coagulants
(powders and liquids)
Special high-dehydration coagulants
(Technica products)
TG Squall (dehydration potentiator)
TG Set (for specific gravities of less than 1.1)
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Feel free to contact us regarding product technical materials, product data safety sheets (SDS), standard charts, analytical tables (test tables), and third party agent analyses.