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Privacy Policy

Technica Goudou Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Technica Goudou”) recognizes that the privacy of your personal information is important.
Technica Goudou promises to safeguard your personal information in compliance with the laws and regulations related to personal data protection, with the utmost care and attention.

Collecting Personal Information

Technica Goudou collects personal information using legal methods and fair means.
We never collect personal information without your consent.

Purposes of Personal Information Use

The personal information we collect, in principle, is used only to inform you of the products, services, and related information of Technica Goudou and related companies, and to improve our products and services.
If we plan on using your personal information for any other purpose, that purpose will be disclosed in advance at the time that information is to be provided.
Please do verify the purpose of disclosure at such times.
We never will use your personal information for any other purpose without your permission.

Provision to Third Parties

Technica Goudou will never disclose or provide your personal information to third parties, excluding the following cases:

  1. When your personal information is to be disclosed to an outsourced contractor or business partner (electricians, distributing companies, etc.) to the extent that is necessary for the purposes mentioned above
  2. When requested by a government or municipal office, such as a court of justice, based on standards such as laws and regulations
  3. When required for the protection of your rights, property, safety, etc., and those of Technica Goudou
  4. When you give your consent

Disclosure of Personal Information

Technica Goudou promptly discloses personal information upon request by individuals.
Requests for disclosure will only be received via post; individual identification is required.
Requests will not be received by telephone or email. Requests are granted on condition that documents that identify the person are submitted, based on Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Law, in order to verify that the inquiring party is the actual individual.
If you would like to request disclosure of your personal information held by Technica Goudou, please send by post an 80-yen self-addressed stamped envelope along with identification documents in a 240-yen stamped envelope to our Privacy Promotion Office.

Changes to Registered Information, etc.

If you would like to change, verify, correct, or delete your personal information, please contact us by email.
To prevent leakage to or theft by third parties, we will perform the required processing upon confirmation of your identity.

Management of Personal Information

To ensure the safe management of your personal information, we are deeply committed to the following:

  1. We perform rational and appropriate safety measures to prevent dangers such as unauthorized access of personal information by an external source; loss, destruction, theft, or leakage of personal information; and the like.
  2. 2. We make every effort to assign a person responsible for information management and appropriately manage personal information.

Use of Cookies

This web site uses a technique referred to as "cookies" for the convenience of our customers.
Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a web server to your browser, and are saved on your hard disk to identify your computer.
The data collected by cookies is limited to use in marketing analysis, such as home page user trends, and the provision of various services.
Note that you can disable the function of cookies by altering the settings in your browser.
However, by doing so you may find that parts of our services on our web site can no longer be used.

Revision of This Policy

This policy is subject to revision in part or in whole as required by laws and regulations or for the improvement of the protection of your privacy information.
The most up-to-date information is posted on our web site.

Applicable Scope of This Policy and Links to Other Sites

This web site includes links to other web sites in order to provide information useful to our customers.
We are not responsible for the privacy protection of such web sites. Be sure to verify the privacy protection policy of each of the web sites prior to use.


Please send any comments or questions regarding the handling of personal information using our Inquiry Form. Thank you.