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Special Processing

Special processing refers to manufacturing (OEM) services contracted to Technica that are truly user proposed.

Examples of our successes in manufacturing based on user needs to date include:

・Liquification of powder products
・Product packing
・Branding of hybrid products
・Verification of product effects

Such successes also involve extremely niche orders that originate from the following common needs to date:

・The inability to support the volume of production on
a manufacturing line at a major corporation
・An absence of anything like the product in the world
(example: liquid processing of powder products)

The advances we have made in our other seven business areas have allowed us, in a sense, to manufacture our own company products while improving our associations with suppliers in different fields, pushing us forward in a variety of areas, including in the verification of products in our own research laboratory.

There are limits to manufacturing within the confines of a single company, and we ourselves are conscious of the fact that a product reaches fruition based on the expertise and experience particular to each corporation.

Special processing is a field of development in which we take on new challenges when called, based on the incentive, “If only such a product could be produced . . . “
We would very much like to work with you and your challenges.

Technica Goudou Processing Results

Examples of
Liquid processing Development of water soluble products Surfactants
Acrylic acids
Dispersion and liquification of powder raw materials CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose)
HEC (hydroxyethyl cellulose)
MC (methyl cellulose)
PAM (polyacrylamide: anion)
SAP (superabsorbent polymers)
Mud adding materials (for pressurized mud shield excavation)
Packing Packing of powder raw materials Polymer coagulants
Lubricants (for jacking work)
Brand processing Organic chemical branding Various
Inorganic chemical branding Various