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2025 project is ongoing!

Technica Goudou Co.,Ltd. is a chemical product manufacturer specializes in soil.
It has been 20 years since I started managing the company and I am only halfway down the road to be a full-fledged manager.
Until today, all the employees have devoted themselves to the business and worked together every day.
On this occasion, we considered a situation which surrounds the company with the theme of 'what is the strength of our company?’ and have launched a project called '2025 project' to combine the conventional business buildings by individuals and business stability by company's bottom line.
The purpose of this project is ‘to define segments of our four businesses and to cultivate strength of the company’.

(To define segments of our four businesses)

(To cultivate strength of the company)

Our company will bring innovations to various businesses such as civil engineering, environment, recycling and industry, will make contribution to the society in the form of chemicals which contain the thoughts of 'strength only we can make' and 'reassurance that only we can give' and will remain to be a future oriented company for next generations.
Furthermore, we will realize a vision, which is 'to progress with social development, to bring happiness to our employees and their families and to give back what we can to the society'.
We are going to flexibly adapt social transformation and diversity while facing with various social phases and steer for the future, identifying with foresight in the long way ahead.
I end my greeting with a promise to make it a better company that is expected and needed by customers.

Thank you always for understanding and supporting us.

Technica Goudou Co., Ltd.
Kota Terao, CEO

To define segments of our four businesses